Maybe you're not sure when it happened...or how. You just know when you hit your 40s, BAM! Your body exploded into a fat-packing machine. That mini muffin top turned into a mountain of ripples and rolls and the belly fat battle began.

No matter what you've tried, that 30 or 40 pounds of pudge wouldn't budge. All you want is to look and feel great in your favorite jeans again. Catch is, you don't want to do even one crunch, let alone 100, or give up the foods you love, like chocolate.

Sound like you? Then it's time for you to...

Lolly, AGE: 57
18.9 pounds by day 20!

Evelyn, AGE: 54
DROPPED: 2 dress
sizes—from a size 10
to a size 6!

Barbara, AGE: 58
DROPPED: 118.5 pounds
total, losing over 40
pounds and 39 inches in 4 months.

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Fat melts off like crazy — and stays off. Quite frankly, that's good for more than just looks. Belly fat around your middle carries a greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, even cancer. It could be your lifesaver!

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